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Facts About Cleaning & Laundry Products


Indoor air is more seriously polluted than the outdoor air, even in the largest and most industrialized cities.1

Laundry and fabric softener products contain undisclosed hazardous chemicals with known health risks.2,5

Cleaning products, especially those with germ killing properties, are harmful to health.6

Air fresheners actually worsen indoor air pollution by adding toxic chemicals to the air.4

Analysis of fragranced products reveals undisclosed chemicals with known irritant and neurotoxic properties.3,5,7


Consumers need to make every effort to ensure work, school, and home environments are clean, comfortable, and

safe. It is not sufficient to trust that products have been adequately tested before they go to market. They have not.

























Domestic Household Products to Avoid


All Fragranced Products

Fragranced Laundry Detergents, Fabric Softeners, and Dryer Sheets

Air Fresheners

Window Cleaning Solution, All Purpose Cleaners, Sprays, and Aerosols

Scouring Powder

Fragranced and/or Anti-Bacterial Vacuum Bags and Trash Bags

Disinfectants, Solvents

Commercial or Industrial Chemicals and Concentrated Products


Clean is the absence of dirt and grime that leads to odor. Toxic chemicals and strong fragrances merely cover up odors at the expense of health. There are many safe and effective cleaners.


Domestic Household Products to Use Instead


Laundry - borax, baking soda, or fragrance free laundry detergent

Fabric Softener - white vinegar in wash or towel wet with peroxide, tennis shoe, or tennis ball in the dryer

Air Fresheners - white vinegar, open windows, adequate ventilation, fresh herbs, and tea

Windows - white vinegar or water & squeegee

All Purpose Cleaning - white vinegar

Scouring Powder - baking soda or borax

Disinfectant - peroxide followed by white vinegar in separate cleanings.

Fragrance Free Products


Don’t Be Greenwashed! Just because a product is ‘green’ or ‘all natural’ does not mean it is nontoxic.


To download detailed brochures with inexpensive and safe household cleaning ideas, see:


General Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning




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Sample Policies


See Fragrance-Free Places

Scientific Studies


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Toxic Reference Databases


EPA Toxic Reference Database

"Cleanliness may be next to godliness for some. It's certainly next to impossible for others. With today's super-powered cleaning products, it also can be next to poisonous." - Nickie Polson

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