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MCS America Brochures


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Fact Sheet

Spanish: Hoja De Datos De La Sensibilidad Química Múltiple


Symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Fact Sheet

Spanish:  Síntomas de la Sensibilidad Química Múltiple


Electromagnetic Radiation Fact Sheet

Spanish: Hoja de Datos Sobre Radiación Electromagnética


Fragrance Fact Sheet

Spanish: Hoja De Datos Sobre Fragancias Y Perfumeshoja De Datos Sobre Fragancias Y Perfumes


Neighborhood Alert

Spanish:  Alerta Para el Vecindario

Discusses wood smoke, lawn chemicals, and scented laundry products.


Cleaning Products Fact Sheet

Theory on the Cause of MCS:  Peroxynitrite and Nitric Oxide


Understanding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


Grandma’s Cupboard:  General Cleaning Solutions


Grandma’s Cupboard:  Kitchen Cleaning


Grandma’s Cupboard:  Personal Care


Grandma’s Cupboard:  Laundry


Ten Ways to Manage MCS Reactions at School


Ten Ways to Manage Electromagnetic Radiation Reactions at School


Ten Things School Faculty Can Do During an MCS Reaction


Ten Things Faculty Can Do During a Reaction to Electromagnetic Radiation



Brochures from Other Sources


Air Fresheners & Plug-Ins


Are You Sensitive to Chemicals? 


Are You Unwittingly Affected By Electromagnetic Radiation?


Bees, Birds, and Mankind - Destroying Nature by ‘Electrosmog’ by Ulrich Warnke


Breathe Easier, Hold the Fragrances Brochure


CERA - Creating Healthy Apartments: What You Need to Know


CERA – Creating Healthy Housing:  Guidelines for Multi-Unit Housing Providers


CERA – Creating Healthy Multi-Unit Housing:  A Resource Guide


Chemicals and You:  Phase 1 and Phase 2 Detoxification Explained


Chemical in Air Fresheners Reduces Lung Function


Consequences of Childhood Chemical Injury  Poster By Margaret S. O’Nan


Electrosensitivity Brochure by Kato Yasuko


Electromagnetic Radiation Fact Sheet


Electrosensitivity?  What's that?


EM Facts Consultancy:  Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi)


Fabric Softener


Fact Sheet on on Energy Saving Lamps


Fast Facts:  What You Should Know about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (Oregon Public Health Division)




Fragrance chemical allergy: a major environmental and consumer health problem in Europe


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on VOG and Volcanic Emissions from Kilauea, Hawaii


Healthy Schools on Dry Erase Markers

Household Mold brochure from Quebec government


How Susceptible are Genes to Mobile Phone Radiation?


ILRU:  Understanding & Accommodating People with MCS in Everyday Living


Indoor Air Chemistry


Interior Design and MCS


MCS Brochure 2009 by Jeri Freidman


MCS Homebuyer’s Questionnaire


MCS Public Accommodations


MCS Stop Sign - No Fragrances


MCS Statistics


MCS Task Force of New Mexico Brochure


Mercury Quick Facts:  Health Effects of Mercury Exposure


Mold Fact Sheet:  Minnesota Department of Health


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (Tourtet)


Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome By MCS Australia


No Scents Makes Sense Brochure


Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured Brochure, Page 1


Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured Brochure, Page 2


Ohio State University Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Fact Sheet


Our Health And Pvc - What's The Connection?


PVC, The Poison Plastic - Unhealthy For Our Nation's Children And Schools


Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Information for Older Adults and Their Caregivers


Safe Minds Alert: Flu Vaccines, What You Need to Know


The Sunflower Project Electromagnetic Sensitivity Brochure


Top Ten Reasons Your School Should Go PVC-Free


Top Ten Ways to Detoxify Your Life


Toxic Matters: 5 Things to Do


Use of Baking Soda as a Fungicide


Visiting a Person with MCS


What you should know before visiting a person who has NRLA and/or MCS





Acute Toxic Effects of Fragrances Business Card


Are You a Closet Huffer?


Awareness Chick - Chemicals Can Hurt You


Breathing Your Fragrance Really Hurts Me


Chemical Awareness Ribbon


EHAO Awareness Sign - Mother Died of Environmental Sensitivity


Electrosensitivity Sign - Please Turn Off Your Cell Phone 


Fragrance Free Zone Sign


I’m No Stinker!


Neighborhood Alert Flyer


No Scents Makes Sense Sign


No Latex Sign by Janie Sagmoe


Playing it Safe:  Environmental Risks to Children Poster


You Could Be Next Sign


Want to Put Your Friends and Family in Jail?


Wood Smoke Trespass Flyer 8 1/2 x 11



PowerPoint Presentations


Breathe Easier: Hold the Fragrances, Version 3


Breathe Easier: Hold the Fragrances, Version 2



“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.”

James Thurber

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