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The purpose of the Ready-to-Go MCS Activist is to provide pre-designed letters for varying educational and activist efforts.  Many times one wants to write a letter to an establishment, individual, or other entity to educate them and request they change their practices.  The hardest part used to be writing the letter, and often it never happened because there was no time.  Now, letters exist that can be easily customized and printed. 


More will be added each month.  Check back soon!


To suggest a letter or contribute a letter:



Pre-Designed Customizable Letters


Fragrances on Mail and/or Catalogs


Air Freshener Use


Use of Fragrance, Cologne, and Perfume


Fabric Softener Emissions


Letter to State Representatives to Ban Woodsmoke


Letter to Doctors and Medical Boards Supporting MCS as a biological Illness (fully cited and scientifically supported)

*This work is copyrighted.  Permission granted for personal use in activism provided that original copyright and authorship are maintained.  For permission to reprint, mail


Request for Accommodations Under the Americans with Disabilities Act




Neighborhood Alert

Spanish:  Alerta Para el Vecindario

Discusses wood smoke, lawn chemicals, and scented laundry products.



Public Service Announcements for News, Radio, and Media


Public Service Announcement #1
Air fresheners have been pulled off thousands of shelves nation-wide!

Public Service Announcement #2
When you use fragranced products, did you know you are wearing toxic chemicals!?

Public Service Announcement #3
Secondhand Fragrances are Like Secondhand Smoke!

Public Service Announcement #4
Scented laundry detergents and fabric softeners pollute indoor and outdoor air!

Public Service Announcement #4 (SPANISH)
Scented laundry detergents and fabric softeners pollute indoor and outdoor air!


Public Service Announcement #5
Wood Smoke... The Other Secondhand Smoke!

Public Service Announcement #6
Fragrances undermine public health!


Public Service Announcement #7

Fragranced Laundry Products Pollute Our Air



Event Planning Kits


MCS Awareness Month Planning Kit


Electromagnetic Radiation Month Planning Kit



MCS Awareness Emblems

Note:  These emblems are sold by an independent site for $6.50 plus .45 shipping.

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