Tips for Living with Environmental Illness

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Shopping When You Can't 

Meeting the Independent Physician 



A Plan for the Worst, Surviving Surgery and Hospitalization


Accommodating Chemical sensitivity in the Doctor’s Office


Disability and Environmental Health Resource Guide For the Snowflake-Taylor Area


Disaster Safety & Preparedness Guide for Seniors & People with Disabilities (EI tips at the bottom)


Emergency Preparedness for People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


Filtering Air from the Outside 

Fragrance Free Wedding 


How to Address Public HVAC Scent Diffusers


How to Ensure Your Food is Really Organic


How to Treat Head Lice Without Toxic Chemicals


How to Read When Sensitive to Printed Materials 


How We Pressurized Our House 

If Your Home Makes You Sick, and You Have to Leave with Nowhere to Go


Health Insurance Coverage for MCS


Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities


Preparing for a Natural Disaster

Safe Dental Materials Selection


Safer Camping 

Safer Camping Equipment  


Seeking a New Place to Live 


Should I Have My Olfactory Nerve Clipped?


Should I Try Low Dose Antigen Therapy to Treat My MCS?

So You Want to Build a House?  


Ten Ways to Manage MCS Reactions at School


Ten Things School Faculty Can Do During an MCS Reaction


Uncovering the Difference Between Chemical Allergy and Chemical Toxicity


What to Do When MCS Treatment is Not Working


Why the Emotional Freedom Technique Won’t Cure MCS?





Electromagnetic Radiation Fact Sheet


Ten Ways to Manage Electromagnetic Radiation Reactions at School


Ten Things Faculty Can Do During a Reaction to Electromagnetic Radiation


The Smart Meters: What people who are sensitive need to know

Introduction to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity  

How to Measure EMF  

Electromagnetic Survey of a Home  

Resources for Electrically Sensitive People  

Resources for DC Living  

Using Power Strips to Lower EMF Exposures  

Choosing Household Wiring for Low EMF 

Solar Energy Can Be a Health Hazard 

Low-EMF Computer Set-Ups

EMF from GFCI-Protected Outlets 

Cooking Without Getting Zapped  

Electronic Access to Businesses and Organizations  

Introduction to Low-EMF Cars 

Advanced Low-EMF Cars 

EMF Measurements of Cars and Trucks 

Low EMF Mercedes Cars: Questions and Answers 

How to Build Your Own Low-EMF Telephone  

Simple Telephone Filters    

Can a Cell Phone Be Used Safely with a Docking Station?

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