Facts About Fragrances


There are 3,000 – 5,000 chemicals used in fragrance.1

95% of these chemicals are derived from petroleum.1

Over 80% of the chemicals in fragrance have not been tested for human toxicity.1

Some of the chemicals found in fragranced products are on the EPA hazardous waste list.1-2

The perfume industry is not regulated by any government agency and is not required to disclose the ingredients in “fragrance”.1

The National Academy of Sciences targeted fragrances as one of the six categories of chemicals that should be given high priority for neurotoxicity testing.1


Personal Care Products to Avoid


Perfume and Cologne

All Scented Products - including soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and bath products

Scented Lotions

Scented Shaving Cream, Aftershave

Scented Deodorants and Anti-Perspirants

Scented Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair Spray, Hair Gel and Mousse, and Hair Color

Scented Nail Polish and Remover

Scented Make-up

Scented Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes or Hand Sanitizer

Other Scented Toiletries


Personal Care Products to Use Instead


Scent - use essential oils if tolerated or eliminate perfume

Fragrance Free Products - soaps, shampoo, conditioner, and bath products

Lotion - use unscented versions or natural oils such as jojoba, coconut, and olive oil

Shaving Cream - soap

Aftershave - witch hazel or hydrogen peroxide

Deodorant - peroxide, natural salt crystal, baking soda, unscented deodorants

Hair Styling - aloe vera gel, lemon juice

Hair Color - natural variations, peroxide to bleach, all natural henna for color

Shampoo / Conditioner - unscented variations, baking soda, vinegar, citric acid, oils

Nail Polish and Remover - safer variations from a health food store or go au natural

Make-up - unscented, natural variations or go au natural




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Why Go Perfume Free to Church?


Government Regulations


U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Fragrance Free Policy (Page 9, Item C)


Minnesota HB 2148, "Fragrance-Free Schools Pilot Project,"




EPA Fragrance Ingredient List


EPA Toxic Reference Database (to search by name of ingredient)


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Sample Policies


Challenge Charter School, Glendale, Arizona




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Massachusetts Nursing Association Webinar:  "Fragrance Free!  Creating a Safe Healthcare Environment"


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"When you choose to use fragrances, chemicals, or pesticides, You are not simply making a choice for yourself, You are making a choice for everyone around you."  MCS America

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